The Unhappy: Ever see a dad freak out for no solid reason? Yeah, that would have been me last night when Brooke’s umbilical cord came off while my wife was changing her diaper. Was it hurting her? Could it be infected? Was she bleeding? Why was she crying? Is she hurt? No one could actually understand those questions from me, however, because they all came out of my mouth at one time within about 7 seconds of realizing the cord was off. She certainly seems no worse for wear, but that was another one of those “nothing can hurt my daughter, Daddy freaks out at even the idea of her being in pain” moments.

The Happy: When Brooke woke up this morning, it was a beautiful morning with the daylight coming in the east windows of our bedroom. I put on The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun,” and watched Mommy “dance” in bed with little Brooke, holding her little hands and moving her tiny arms in time with the music. Just another one of those little things that seem like nothing but will be locked away in my heart for the rest of my life.